Emotional Intelligence and Asking the Right Questions

Understanding the needs and motivations of others improves our ability to communicate, negotiate, and serve our clients’ needs. Individuals who demonstrate a higher level of emotional intelligence (EQ) are able to navigate difficult conversations and ask the necessary questions to be better in business, in personal life, and lead calmer, less stressful lives. This session will explore the psychology of perception versus reality and how reflective listening, humble inquiry, body language, and social cues can direct conversations and impact relationship building. You will discover the questions you should be asking in a variety of scenarios, as well as how to improve your EQ, communication skills, and become a more well-rounded real estate professional. 


DOWNLOAD: Questions to ask in your real estate consultations, here!


  • MindTools.com EQ Self-Assessment (FREE) – A great tool for a simple assessment of your emotional intelligence and some steps to improvement. (15 questions, approximately 5 minutes)
  • Rebel Talents’ Rebel Assessment (FREE) – How much of a rebel are you? This is a fantastic test to see how rebellious you are in your problem-solving skills…and how to make the most of that talent! (30 questions, approximately 15 minutes)