SESSION: Co-op(eration) Improve Customer Service With Your Competition

As REALTORS®, we work for our clients, but we work with other agents, and our interactions with our colleagues can impact our clients’ experience for better or worse. In this session, we will explore building better relationships with other agents with the intent to leverage associations to our client’s advantage…and to our own professional benefit, and for the betterment of our industry as a whole.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Self-assessment of customer service skills, triggers, and communication styles so each attendee can begin to better understand his/her personal style.
  2. Explore where possible cooperation breakdown occurs – generational, experiential, and communicational – and ways to reset one’s mindset.
  3. Customer service, agent to agent – brainstorm ways to start thinking about the cooperation relationship from a customer service standpoint; create a service plan for co-op agents to add to your contract-to-close and post-sale plans.
  4. Take a look at what other agents are doing to go above and beyond with the cooperation relationship and gain inspiration from others’ works.
  5. Create realistic and measurable goals for moving forward with a tangible plan to be a better co-op agent. Through service to the transaction and the cooperating agent, give better service to your clients.