SESSION: Happier Life – Emotional Intelligence for REALTORS

SESSION: Happier Life – Emotional Intelligence for REALTORS

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify and regulate one’s emotions and understand the emotions of others. A high level of EQ may not come naturally to everyone, but it can be learned, nurtured, and continually improved upon. A strong EQ helps you to build relationships, reduce stress, defuse conflict, and improve satisfaction in your professional and personal life. In this session, Maura will discuss how EQ can positively (and negatively) affect client and personal relationships, leadership roles, and personal and professional success. We’ll discuss strategies for improving your EQ, your personal outlook and mindset, and real, workable strategies to improve relationships, make the most of your leadership role, and do better business.

Your information was frank and fresh in terms of the challenges of a Realtor’s life and offered some good ideas for helping Realtors cope with a fast-paced career and other things that make life worthwhile.

Carey Rosenblum, Huntsville, AL

As a new agent, this class was very informative and personal. It provided me with a glimpse of how I can overextend myself, yet it provided tools that I can utilize to come back into work-life harmony.

Dana Williams, Trinity, AL