SESSION: Perception and Reality in Leadership

SESSION: Perception and Reality in Leadership


Being an effective leader calls for spending time honing leadership skills, utilizing and constantly improving emotional intelligence, and, most of all, recognizing that there are many realities in the organization. One’s perception — one’s reality — may not be the perception of all of the other players.

In this session, attendees will test their own perception and compare it to others’, using music and visual arts, interactive discussion of how we perceive our environment, and how we apply our emotional intelligence to interact and relate to those with whom we work closely when we are leaders — from your Association staff to your Leadership Team and member volunteers to the organization’s membership as a whole.

Attendees will:

  • Use listening and visualizing techniques to analyze differences in perception versus reality
  • Explore the basic tenets of emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) and its effects on our interpersonal relationships, communication, and leadership skills and effectiveness
  • Discuss ideal traits for leaders and different leadership styles and the benefits of being a leadership chameleon.
  • Discover new ways of approaching problem-solving, using a results-oriented step-by-step routine to break down the thought process
  • Get hands-on experience with real-world problem solving through group discussion of a series of REALTOR® and Association case studies.

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