Problem Solving and Goal Setting – Resources Page

Problem Solving and Goal Setting – Resources Page

I hope you enjoyed my session on Problem Solving and Goal Setting! As promised, here is the Resources page, with downloadable materials, links to self-assessments, and some follow-up reading, if you choose to read some of the great resource material (which I’ve read and pre-screened and found helpful).

Here is a link to my downloadable Problem Solving Worksheet — we discussed how to use it in class as a framework for laying out the issues, involved and interested parties, and questions to ask in any problem, as well as to project possible outcomes and form a strategy around them.

We also discussed the Bullet Journal as a tool to help track and see emerging trends that can assist you with problem-solving, goal-setting, and EQ development and improvement. The link above is a how-to from the inventor of the Bullet Journal. Also, here’s an alternative link to a very minimalist approach to the Bullet Journal. And one more link you might enjoy (though this video is somewhat lengthy) is this video entitled “what I was doing wrong in my bullet journal.”


  • EQ Self-Assessment (FREE) – A great tool for a simple assessment of your emotional intelligence and some steps to improvement. (15 questions, approximately 5 minutes)
  • Rebel Talents’ Rebel Assessment (FREE) – How much of a rebel are you? This is a fantastic test to see how rebellious you are in your problem-solving skills…and how to make the most of that talent! (30 questions, approximately 15 minutes)
  • What Type of Problem-Solver Are You? from Stop Guessing (book) – Thought-provoking questions to 24 scenarios that help to assess what kind of problem-solver you are and a look at your possible strengths and weaknesses.  (24 questions, approximately 15 minutes)