RESOURCES: Running Your Business in Today’s Market

Buyer’s Market? Seller’s Market? Shifting Market? Whatever the market conditions, smart agents know the strategies and tactics to keep business flowing and clients happy. What are you doing to keep your business thriving in today’s market?

It doesn’t matter how many leads you have; it matters what you do with them. Buyer and seller leads are only as valuable as the time and effort an agent puts into them – from seeking out high-quality leads to nurturing and incubating them to converting them into clients who know, like, and trust you.


What is Zappos? Core Values

Zappos Only Hires People Who Are Weird And Lucky In Life — Core Values

Maura Neill & Associates – Core Values

Tracking Your Business (This link includes information on tracking your business, as well as the downloadable tracking spreadsheets!)

REALTOR Magazine: Staying Mum on Multiple Offers

Maura’s Online Buyer Questionnaire

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