SESSION: Creating the WIN! New Negotiation Strategies

The most successful negotiators get the best outcomes for clients by thinking outside the box. This session pushes you out of your comfort zone to think differently. We’ll explore the impacts of perception versus reality on the transaction and how emotional intelligence affects the negotiation process. You’ll walk away with fresh, new approaches and innovative options for even the most difficult negotiation. Maura is a graduate of the Harvard Negotiation Institute at Harvard Law.

Session Only, 1 hour; Session + Workshop, 2-3 hours

Learning Objectives:

  1. Deconstruct the negotiation process and identify the component pieces.
  2. Learn to think in terms of perception and reality and the impact each has on negotiation and the transaction.
  3. Explore basic tenets of emotional intelligence and its role in negotiation.
  4. Work with the client to define strategy vs. priorities and identify outcomes.
  5. Know how to better talk about negotiation strategy and “the win/win” with clients.