SESSION: Ask the Right Questions: Problem Solving and Goal Setting for Leaders

Our leaders have two important roles: setting/achieving goals and solving problems. Leaders are uniquely positioned to help future leaders and their teams develop and hone those skills. We’ll explore the art of the question – how asking more questions and the right questions can improve your relationship with your leadership team and help create a successful term. We’ll discuss various problem-solving strategies and creative approaches to goal setting through exercises and case studies to give you more tools for success.

Attendees will:

  • Explore and assess their own problem-solving style and personality
  • Discover new ways of approaching problem-solving, using a results-oriented step-by-step routine to break down the thought process
  • Get hands-on experience with real-world problem solving through group discussion of a series of REALTOR® and Association case studies.
  • Apply the basic tenets of problem-solving for a new approach to goal-setting and walk away with some tangible goals for their upcoming leadership year

Overview session/webinar option, 1 hour; Session + Workshop, 2-3 hours; AE/Staff and Broker version available

This session can be customized for your Leadership Academy, Leadership Training, Association Staff, or Brokerage Leadership. It includes hands-on activities for team-building and problem-solving, as well as real-life scenarios for brainstorming and analysis. This session can also be combined with Unraveling the Threads: Perception and Reality in Leadership for an exciting full day of interactive and energetic leadership training.