Is Blogging Passé? Reframe Your Thinking About Content Creation

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Not too many years ago, blogging was all the rage. Everyone seemed to be gung-ho to start a blog, gain readership, and create a community.

Recently, I heard a real estate agent say, “No one blogs anymore.” I’m here to tell you that’s not really the case. But perhaps calling it “blogging” is passé. Perhaps the verb itself has taken on a negative connotation — one that calls to mind daily bloggers (I’ve been there, done that), those for whom blogging is their business (and who has time for that and selling real estate?).

Let’s reframe the way we think about blogging, which is really nothing more than creating consistent content on one’s website.

Don’t think of it as blogging — think of it as content creation.

Don’t think of it as a full-time job — think of it as part of your marketing plan and part of your lead generation efforts.

Don’t think of it as a burden — think of it as one of the regular tasks in your ideal week.

And please, don’t outsource it – your voice and your knowledge are what make you valuable and set you apart.

Content creation, once it becomes habitual, can be addictive. As a REALTOR, you have a lot to say, and what you say can create trust and credibility among consumers who are seeking help with their real estate needs, which can ultimately add leads to your prospect list, clients to your database, and closings to your calendar.