BOOK REC: How To Be A Grown Up, by Daisy Buchanan

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How To Be A Grown Up (You’re doing fine and let me tell you why), by Daisy Buchanan

Don’t let the title fool you: regardless of age, we can all use an instructional book about adulting. While this book reads like Daisy Buchanan perhaps meant it for it to help 20-somethings (it was, after all, written by the author about her own 20s and what she learned), I’m going to recommend it, right here, smack in the middle of my 40s, to literally anyone who has ever looked around and wondered how they got to adulthood. Responsibilities, feelings, work, bills, (mental) health, friends and love…she covers it all and more. Most importantly, she normalizes feeling overwhelmed, tired, terrified, crazed, and really just too young for this sh!t. And if making it through your 20s isn’t hard enough, Buchanan did it with an anxiety disorder, about which she is candid and open. (I also give her top props for being a big fan of baths.)

…oh, and Daisy’s tips on washing your hair…? I highly recommend.

Get ready to grow up by buying it here.