BOOK REC: Tax-Free Wealth, by Tom Wheelwright

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BOOK 7 of 2022
Tax-Free Wealth: How To Build Massive Wealth By Permanently Reducing Your Taxes, by Tom Wheelwright
Whew. Taxes. AMIRIGHT???


When a trusted friend tells you that you need to read a book she loved, you not only make a mental note, you login to Amazon and buy it, right then and there while sitting at lunch. It’s a special kind of friendship that leads to important life and financial decisions — and I’m grateful for those friends in my life!


Everyone needs to read this book. Not only my REALTOR® and self-employed friends, but anyone who wants to learn more about how to keep more of your own money and build wealth and build your future. I’ve read it twice through and made an annoyingly long list of questions for my CPA and my attorney… I’ve scribbled so many notes and dog-eared so many pages that if Ben wants to read it, I’ll probably have to buy him his own copy!


Imagine that I’m your trusted friend telling you to read this book (I mean, I am, right??), and click here to order.