BOOK REC: The Multi-Hyphen Life, by Emma Gannon

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The Multi-Hyphen Life: Work Less, Create More, and Design a Life That Works for You, by Emma Gannon

I ordered The Multi-Hyphen Life firstly because I will read anything from a select group of female British journalists-authors-podcasters and this was next on my list. While the book was likely meant for those whose hyphens (see: journalists-authors-podcasters) are work-related and perhaps for those who are looking to turn their side hustle into a main hustle, there’s way more to it than that (and also: the cover shows the author’s commitment to the Oxford comma, and for that, I adore her more).

It made me think about my own hyphens — REALTOR-teacher-baker-runner-traveler-beagle mom –, and how two of those do make me money, the rest of them cost me money, and yet they each make me better at the others. And they each have merit and should have priority, even when life is crazy.

This isn’t so much a book about job advice or career path; it isn’t a handbook for leaving a job you hate or finding a passion you love (although it may lead you to think about those things more deeply). It will help you to give yourself permission to embrace all of your hyphens — side-hustle or not! — and live a life that doesn’t feel like you are compromising your interests, passions, loves while focusing on other ones and to realize that nurturing and exploring all of your interests may be just what you need to stay competitive, fulfilled, and avoid the dreaded burnout.

You can order it to read-listen to (see what I did there?), here.