BOOK REC: What Would the Spice Girls Do? by Lauren Bravo

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I’ll tell you what you want, what you really, really want: THIS BOOK (See what I did there?)

You may see Spice Girls on the very pink cover and immediately scroll on, but wait; there’s more!

I knew I would adore “What Would the Spice Girls Do?” before I even cracked the spine. First, I enjoy Lauren Bravo’s (writing) style. I’ve heard her chat on many a podcast and read her Twitter feed and column in The Guardian — she’s witty, smart, and insightful; check her out, just in general. Second, this book is all the things: it’s an academic look at the feminism of the 90s (Girl Power!) and how it shaped (and could/could have further shaped) multiple generations, but it’s also pop culture and nostalgia and self-help and feel-good and motivational and bucking imposter syndrome…all wrapped into one. Bravo self-identifies as a millennial, but as I do with many of her contemporaries in the UK, millennial female writers, journalists, and authors, I relate to her, even as an X-er. This shouldn’t be surprising as no one voice can define an entire generation, and the lines are, at best, blurred and have been conjured up by the media and vast numbers of “studies” to categorize the population. But why?? (And why don’t we ask “why??” more?) Finally, it’s not just for chicks; no book should be gendered, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

I really do recommend it; I hope you’ll check it out!

You can buy it here.