Easy Client Marketing Ideas – Fall Edition

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Taking care of our clients is the best way to keep business coming in — both in the form of referrals and repeat business. Here are some simple ideas for staying top-of-mind with your clients in the autumn months.


Who doesn’t love free stuff…or at least the opportunity to get free stuff?

  • Pumpkin patch fun – partner with a local pumpkin patch for an afternoon or evening of “free” pumpkins (you negotiate a discount and pay for any pumpkins your clients pick up during the pick-up day/time). Be there to shake hands and hand out hot apple cider and treats, too!
  • Pie giveaway – host a pumpkin or apple pie giveaway at your office. Clients who have RSVP’d in advance swing by to pick up their pie…and maybe enjoy a sliver with a cup of coffee and some face-time with you!



Fall often means getting ready for winter…make sure your clients are prepared! Send an email or a print piece to your clients and sphere!



Bring people together and get face-to-face!

  • Annual client party — wrap up the year with a bang, but get it out of the way before the holidays hit
  • Coat drive — host a coat drive BEFORE the weather turns cold; perhaps partner with a local department store to hold your event and negotiate a discount for clients who come in, drop off an old coat and buy a new one.
  • Halloween candy buy-back — partner with a local dentist or doctor’s office and host a Halloween candy buy-back. Pay kids per pound of Halloween candy they bring in…and provide healthy snacks instead of candy!