Join Me for My Birthday Month, A Full Month of Giving and Giving Back

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A few years ago, for my 40th birthday (yep, I just gave away my age!) I donated my birthday month to a local animal rescue and asked that my friends make donations, which we then matched. It was a GREAT way to celebrate my birthday and raise money for a great cause.

This month, I am changing it up and making August a month of Giving and Giving Back, but in really small ways that anyone can do. Every day in August, I’ll be posting a new task to my Facebook page and Instagram — I would like to invite you all to follow along with me and, hopefully, join me in one small, daily random act of kindness.

At the end of the month, I’ll post the day-by-day calendar, just in case you want to do something similar for your own birthday month — or just at random! But you’ll have to wait until the end of the month for that — I don’t want anyone working ahead! The whole point is for us to do one thing every day, for that one small feeling of joy that a wee act of kindness can bring.

OH! And I should mention that a few acts of self-kindness will be mixed in. It’s important to remember that, as we’re doing small, wonderful things for the world, we should also be doing small, wonderful things for ourselves.

So come to my virtual birthday party! Let’s go create a better August (as if August could get even better!)!