All the Reasons That August is the Best Month

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I used to find it strange that August was the only month without a recognized national holiday. Then one day, it hit me: I was born in August. So obviously, the universe did not want to overwhelm people with a lot of other distractions. After all, we only need one reason to celebrate.

Of course, I jest. (Well, mostly.)

While autumn is my favorite season, August is by far my favorite month. It is, after all, the Month of Maura (to me, at least), and since my parents have long indulged me by cooking up my favorite meal — a full Thanksgiving dinner if you’re wondering — it really is the best of both worlds! My favorite meal, traditionally served during my favorite season on my favorite (actual) national holiday, was made for me for my birthday. How could life get any better than in August?

I know why I believe August is the best month there is, but I thought perhaps some of you may need some convincing,  so here are some concrete reasons that August really is the best month there is (and fair warning: most of these reasons have to do with food — get ready to get hungry):

  1. There’s no better month for frosé. What’s frosé, you ask? (Please tell me you didn’t ask, but if you did…) It’s frozen rosé, the single most refreshing way to pamper yourself during this one of the year’s hottest months. It’s almost too easy to make and take it from me, it’s better than anything you’ll get from an ice cream truck. Here’s the recipe I use — you can thank me later.
  2. Tomatoes are at their best and juiciest. For everything from the perfect BLT to the iconic southern tomato sandwich, from a gorgeous caprese to a scrumptious tomato pie, August tomatoes take the cake (so to speak). You’re welcome, tomato lovers — my month is happy to oblige. In fact, a lot of my favorite veggies are at their most delicious in August — here’s a list if you’re hungry for more (see what I did there?).
  3. Julia Child was born in August. True, she was a Leo, and technically, I’m a Virgo (though many horoscope calendars put me right on the cusp), so we’re not really Sign Sisters. (Yes, I just made that up). However, as a reader of cookbooks and a lover of cooking, I have Julia to thank for many of my favorite recipes and, in a lot of ways, for my love of cooking. August gave us Julia Child — how can there be a better month?
    SIDE NOTE: One of my favorite books is Julia’s My Life in France, and if you’re looking for some spectacular cookbook reading (and of course, recipes), check out Julia’s two-volume set, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
  4. August is for back-to-school. Look out, my nerd is showing. I’ve always loved that back-to-school feeling — how can you not love the time of year that means shopping for school supplies, finding the perfect planner, and buying books. It’s been a good many years since I’ve actually gone back to school, and I still get that feeling…
  5. College football season kicks off. Once again, my birthday month has made many of you happy, and as its self-appointed spokesperson, I can tell you we are happy to oblige. Oh, and Go ‘Noles!

Ah, August. The last days of summer are the gateway to autumn. Welcome, favorite of months!